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Cody sits down with Stephen Petasky and Bryant Aplass, the benchmark setters in the luxury real estate space. In this episode, they dive deep into the transformative journey of the company, Luxus, as they narrate captivating stories rich with lessons from their elite projects in Tuscany, Palm Springs, and Hawaii. They get into the gritty details of overcoming challenges, unmanned perseverance, and the key fundamentals of successful entrepreneurship. Stay tuned to hear interesting discussions about Airbnb markets, assembling the right construction team, and making strategic strides in partnerships. Join them as they dive into the realm of real estate and tactical strategy!

Stephen Petasky is a visionary leader and lifelong entrepreneur who is making waves in the world of luxury resort residential and hospitality real estate. As the CEO and founder of the Luxus Group, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of the industry.

Bryant Aplass is a real estate agent based in Gilbert, Arizona, who works for Gentry Real Estate and has been in the industry for 5 years. Bryant is also the CEO of Green Elephant Development, a company that aims to become one of the leaders in green innovation in the housing industry.


Luxus Company Experience

Real Estate Market and Strategies

The Future of Luxus

Personal Experiences and Advice

Future Plans and Goals

Luxus Business Model and Niche

Development and Expansion

Future Projections for Luxus

General Real Estate Discussion


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[00:00:36]  Introducing a successful investor and entrepreneur.

[00:04:22]  Henderson City Council approves entitlements with support.

[00:07:45]  Scaling from single-family homes to luxury hotels.

[00:10:24]  Dreamlike success. Checks. Money. Organization. Momentum.

[00:14:31]  Investors pick places they find appealing.

[00:16:57]  Success is not easy; it takes time.

[00:20:28]  Bigger projects take less time and effort.

[00:24:17]  Expansion of the luxury Airbnb business into hotels.

[00:27:09]  “Restoring towns in Italy comes with caveats.”

[00:30:39]  Debt: risky, cash: leverage, fees: profit.

[00:32:58]  Marriott owns hotels, providing consistent branded experience.

[00:37:43]  Self-financed, investors involved, adding homes quickly.

[00:40:24]  Hard, but we have the model and know-how.

[00:43:14]  Building for growth, open to partnerships/exits. Industry disruption, impact, possible financial reward.

[00:47:21]  Beach volleyball requires travel; it’s taxing.

[00:49:36]  Fractional jet ownership is a great option.

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