#52: Cody Sperber The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Cody sits down with real estate partners Bryant and Max to talk about all things real estate investing. They discuss the intricacies of building a successful business from the ground up, tackling early fears like insufficient funds. As well as strategies like wholesaling, rehabbing and the art of leveraging other people’s money and credibility.

They also highlight the importance of education, building expertise of your chosen real estate market, and the role of mentors in guiding your entrepreneur journey. They also dissect the dynamics of forming successful partnerships, taking you through the subtle yet vital qualities that make or break these partnerships. Learn the lessons from their experiences, including losses in real estate deals, market unpredictability, and the importance of due diligence.


Initial challenges for real estate investing

Solutions for financial limitations

The importance of real estate knowledge and mentorship

The importance of partnerships in real estate

Speaker experiences

New investment opportunities and resources

Business and investment strategies

Real estate deals, experiences, and advice

The importance of following legal regulations and clarity in investment

The importance of personal branding and social proof


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[00:01:34] Finding a partner amplifies success and growth.

[00:05:16] Brooke cleaned out bank account after the deal.

[00:08:44] Clarity, alignment, mission, understanding, motivation, learning, improvement.

[00:12:09] Choose a vehicle, have discipline, commit.

[00:13:13] Overcoming fear of investing through making money.

[00:16:23] Real estate securing lender, using credibility deck.

[00:19:56] Find a local mentor or online group for proximity.

[00:25:44] Building relationships, sharing information, protecting investment.

[00:26:54] Verbal commitment for future investment in property.

[00:32:16] Discusses buy box, property fits, and lenders.

[00:33:37] Legal compliance crucial in private money raising.

[00:37:50] Escrow, deal, careful with money transfers, investor relations.

[00:39:50] Sean St. Clair – highly recommended lawyer.

[00:44:50] Income inequality: Rich capital vs poor access.

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