#50: Jen Gottlieb The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode, Cody welcomes a returning guest, Jen Gottlieb. They talk about her online journey and discuss making good content, going live on social media, dealing with critics, and making online friends. Jen’s main advice is to stay patient and kind online.

Jen also talks about her book, “Be Seen,” which helps people find their voice, build their brand, and overcome fear. She shares a touching story about her dad, who inspired her to be a motivational speaker. The podcast highlights growing an online audience, using email for business, and consistency in content. Cody and Jen also talk about writing popular books, public speaking, and getting better at sales. They mention a friend named Vina Jedi, who’s learning to sell confidently. The key message is believing in your product when selling and sharing personal stories, even the tough ones. Ultimately, they stress that being visible online is crucial for success in business and real estate.

Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical insights on your journey to success!

Jen Gottlieb is a famous motivational speaker and co-founder of Super Connector Media. Her company helps business owners build strong brands, and she guides entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Through events, online courses, and mentoring, she’s supported over 20,000 professionals in the past two years. Jen is a top speaker, sharing stages with celebrities, and her upbeat personality makes her a dynamic presenter. Her first book was released in October 2023, aiming to help people unlock their unique potential.


Building an online brand and dealing with challenges

Insights on creating content and fostering a supportive community

The significance of consistency, patience, and empathy online

Jen’s book, “Be Seen,” and its empowering message

The importance of growing an online audience

Tips on writing bestsellers, public speaking, and effective selling

The key message: Believe in your product and share personal stories

The critical role of online visibility for success


Website URL: https://jengottlieb.com/

Social Media URL:

Jen Gottlieb IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/jen_gottlieb/

Jen Gottlieb Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/JenniferLeahG

Jen Gottlieb FB 👉https://www.facebook.com/Jenleahgottlieb/


00:00: Prelude

00:10: Introducing Jen Gottlieb

01:37: Harnessing the power of social media

03:07: Creating content consistency and virality

07:25: Leveraging lives and ebooks for real estate success

10:27: Jen’s story about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

12:36: Using AI to create content for social media

14:52: Networking with celebrities

18:37: The benefits of going live on Instagram daily

22:57: Dealing with haters and building a brand

25:36: How Jen uses the book’s tools and strategies to take action

28:25: Being courageous and overcoming discomfort

31:06: Finding one’s true purpose through self-discovery and taking action

35:17: Cody’s story about her daughter’s injury

38:01: Get Jen’s book: Be Seen

38:17: Building an audience and leveraging social media for success

41:51: What’s next for Jen?

43:00: Overcoming fear of selling

44:02: Selling with passion and belief in the product

48:04: Overcoming obstacles in real estate investing

51:49: The importance of building a personal brand

53:52: How to connect with Jen Gottlieb

54:18: How to support The Clever Investor

55:41: END