#48: The greats The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Cody’s 50th  podcast mash-up deep dives  into real estate investing and personal development. It highlights the importance of finding a community of like-minded individuals, the challenges of the multifamily space, and emerging opportunities for cash-heavy investors. Cody also shares secrets for starting small in real estate wholesale and the use of AI technology in the short-term rental market.

The episode empowers both seasoned and new investors to excel in the real estate world, allowing them to unleash their ambition and take charge of their financial future. Cody brings together a powerhouse lineup of guests, like Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki ,Ken Mcelroy, Ryan Tseko, Veena Jetti, Pace Morby, Brent Daniels, Max Jimenez, Bryant Aplass, and Forrest Blackburn. This episode is a game-changer, offering a unique opportunity to take charge of your financial future and elevate your success in real estate.



1. Importance of Continuous Learning and Personal Growth

– Downtime as a Missed Opportunity for Learning

– Turning the Car into a Mobile University

– Finding a Like-Minded Community or Tribe

2. Real Estate Investment and Multifamily Properties

– Different Businesses in the Multifamily Space

– Challenges of Making Money and Gathering Funds

– Flying and its Impact on Success in Real Estate

– Influence of Ambitious People on Drive and Ambition

– Cash-Heavy Investors and Lower Property Prices

3. Getting Started in Real Estate Wholesale

– Starting Small and Not Spending a Lot of Money

– Importance of Getting Deals Under Your Belt

– Gradual Progress and Improvement in Each Phase

– Three Ways to be Involved in the Rental Industry

4. Rental Arbitrage and the Short-Term Rental Market

– Mindset, Confidence, and Value in Rental Arbitrage

– Effective Systems and Operations for Success

– AI Real Estate System and Its Features

– Impact of AI on Front-End Jobs and Title Companies

– Seasonal Rental Strategies in Cyclical Markets

5. Investing in Real Estate and Raising Capital

– Investment Opportunities with Clever Capital Fund

– Importance of Tools and Skills in Managing Employees and Raising Capital

– Challenges in Raising Capital and Securing Funding

– Managing Pricing, Dynamic Pricing, and Recommended Tools

– Effective Guest Communication and Tools for Maintaining Response Rate



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[01:10] People moved out, causing negative cash flow.

[04:07] Grant’s sophistication and investment strategy inspire future growth.

[09:00] Listening to podcasts and audio content is essential.

[12:46] Problem-solving mode is important for phone conversations.

[13:22] Maximize lead gen, talk to people. Succeed.

[17:09] Investors overpaid for multifamily assets, now facing refinancing issues.

[21:51] Rising interest rates cause building values to fall.

[24:33] Balancing different multifamily businesses for profitability.

[27:49] Get involved in real estate investments today.

[29:43] Finding distressed properties/sellers, negotiating deals, earning fees.

[33:04] Start small, gain experience, build gradually.

[38:11] Three ways: landlord host, rental arbitrage.

[41:47] Manage pricing, use dynamic tools, improve communication.

[43:22] Property market fluctuations impact rental strategies.

[47:27] AI will eliminate front-end jobs, including paperwork.

[50:56] Discover successful entrepreneurs and expert insights.