#47: Joseph McClendon III The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Neuroencoding: Rewiring Success with Joseph McClendon III


In this episode, Cody welcomes Joseph McClendon III, a neuroscientist and performance specialist. They explore neuro-encoding and its power to overcome challenges like procrastination and self-doubt, leading to personal growth and success. They also discuss the impact of technology and the importance of discipline while offering insights on mentoring the next generation. Joseph shares effective public speaking techniques and captivating stories from his collaborations with figures like Les Brown and coaching Forrest Whitaker to an Oscar win.

Additionally, Joseph underscores the role of mindset and outlines a process for personal growth, from turning dreams into visions to celebrating progress, highlighting the transformative power of a positive mindset.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation on personal development, communication, and unlocking your potential!

Joseph McClendon III is a global leader in peak performance. He taught at UCLA, runs a peak performance coaching group, and is committed to helping others find happiness. With expertise in neuropsychology and life transformation, he’s known for his ability to create rapid change and has impacted millions of people worldwide. He’s also co-authored books with Anthony Robbins and has been featured in magazines like O Magazine. Joseph lives in Southern California with his family.


The neuro-encoding for overcoming common challenges and achieving success

The impact of technology and screens on people’s lives and the importance of discipline

Insights on effective presentation techniques, including “attack and confess,”

Preparation and mindset before going on stage and collaboration with Les Brown

The role of mindset and psychology in personal growth and success

A process for personal growth, from dreams to action, with regular progress reviews

Resilience and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of challenges


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00:00: Prelude

00:10: Introduction to Joseph McClendon III

00:57: The importance of being around people who are “playing the game to win.”

02:10: What is an ultimate performance specialist?

04:15: Media manipulation and the impact on society

07:26: The impact of media on dopamine levels and personal growth

10:04: Technique to snap out of negative emotions

14:29: Discipline is key to success

15:55: The importance of raising one’s intention and setting a good standard for children

17:21: How can you help older people change their mindset and become more positive?

20:16: Personal development and mentorship in real estate

23:57: The difference between speaking and presenting

27:28: Public speaking and connecting with audiences

30:06: Using connection and attack to motivate

35:55: The importance of intention and trust in public speaking

39:16: Public speaking and audience engagement strategies

42:14: Future pacing

44:22: Overcoming fear and achieving success through mentorship and coaching

48:26: Psychology and mindset shifting

52:14: One-on-one coaching and group training for individuals

54:25: The Faster Success Formula

56:09: The importance of visiting one’s vision often with intensity

59:20: Review and celebrate

1:00:41: Conditioning audiences through public speaking

1:05:30: Taking massive action, proximity to greatness, and overcoming limiting beliefs

1:09:30: Home burglary and response to loss