#46: Tay Sweat The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Join us in today’s episode as Cody interviews Tay Sweat, who went from being a health coach to a successful stock trader. Tay explains how understanding market patterns is like predicting the weather and why beginners should start with practice trading to minimize losses. He emphasizes that trading is about following rules and building confidence through experience. Tay even shares insights on predicting market trends and his move to Puerto Rico for tax benefits. He stresses the importance of making wise financial decisions and fostering clear communication in personal relationships.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, Tay’s insights and journey offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to simplify the world of stock trading!

Tay Sweat is a fitness entrepreneur who, after starting his health consulting business in 2010 and working with thousands of clients, achieved seven figures in business by 2015. He later founded SOL Solutions, an eight-figure company, and successfully transitioned into stock market investing after learning from experienced coaches. Eight years of diligent learning and investing led to Tay’s first seven-figure year in stock trading, prompting requests for him to share his strategies with others.


Tay’s transition from health coaching to stock trading success

The importance of beginner-friendly “fake” trading

Trading rules, confidence, and historical analysis

Predictions for a bullish market

Financial strategies, tax benefits, and real estate investments

The significance of financial intelligence

Navigating relationships with a business mindset

Personal trading experiences and lessons

Supporting charity, including the Boys and Girls Club


Website URL: https://stbwithtay.com/case-study-page1615213514947

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Tay Sweat IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/taysweat/

Tay Sweat FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/TaySweatVeganTrainer

Tay Sweat Twitter  👉 https://twitter.com/IamTheVegan

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00:00: Prelude

00:13: Introduction to Tay Sweat

01:29: How Tay cracked the code of stock market investing

05:06: How to make money in the stock market

07:09: The importance of liquidity

09:35: Understanding the rules of trading

11:49: Trading futures and securities

14:38: Robin Hood and its features

17:07: The importance of learning trust in trading

20:13: Stock market analysis and predictions

25:39: Personal finance and investing strategies

28:46: Using equity as collateral for loans

32:54: How to get involved in Cody’s real estate deals

33:47: Moving to Puerto Rico for tax benefits and business opportunities

39:11: Tay’s experience with taxes in Florida and Puerto Rico

40:55: Transitioning from single-family to commercial real estate

46:56: Tay’s divorce

50:24: Reconnecting with an ex-partner after a divorce

53:26: Prioritizing relationships and providing safety for partners

56:32: The importance of healing inner child wounds

58:50: Past traumas and their impact on current behavior and decision-making

1:03:57: What is Tay focusing on now?

1:06:56: Stock trading strategies

1:10:00: Risk management

1:11:50: The charities that Tay are into

1:13:34: How to support The Clever Investor

1:14:56: END