#45: Aaron Williamson The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In today’s episode, Cody talks with Aaron Williamson, a former Marine turned fitness trainer. Aaron shares his journey about overcoming a tough childhood, serving in the Marines, and finding success in Hollywood. He emphasizes the need to challenge yourself physically and mentally. He also discusses his experiences in acting and stunts and how he started a fitness business during the pandemic. The episode highlights the importance of seizing opportunities, trusting your instincts, and embracing challenges to grow.

Furthermore, they stress how staying healthy and fit is crucial for success in life, drawing parallels between commitment to workouts and business. They also mention the benefits of fast cardio for creativity and how taking care of your body can lead to career success.

Tune in for inspiring insights on resilience, confidence, and maintaining good health!

Aaron Williamson is a Marine Corps veteran, American actor, and renowned fitness trainer. He joined the Marines straight out of high school, served in various unique roles around the world, and even returned to Iraq for a biometrics mission after his active duty. In 2009, he pursued his passion for fitness and bodybuilding, gaining recognition globally. Alongside his fitness journey, Aaron found success as an actor and stuntman, adding another dimension to his impressive career. His life is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in the military, fitness, and entertainment.


Aaron’s journey from a challenging past to training Hollywood celebrities

The importance of pushing physical and mental boundaries for success

Navigating the unique challenges of the entertainment industry

Launching a fitness business during the COVID-19 pandemic

Embracing opportunities and personal growth

The vital role of health and fitness in overall success

Dedication to workouts and business

The creativity boost from fast cardio

Achieving career success through self-care


Website URL: https://www.aaronwilliamson.net/

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Aaron Williamson IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/aaronvwilliamson/

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00:00: Prelude

00:13: Introduction to Aaron Williamson

03:38: Journey from the Marine Corps to Hollywood

05:33: Experiences in the Marine Corps

08:19: The impact of his work and the classification

09:22: Cody’s story about being pulled off a ship

11:02: How did Aaron break into the business?

14:57: Fitness mindset and intentional training

19:16: Training, growth, and acting with a former bodybuilder

21:52: Overcoming personal struggles through acting and fitness

25:53: How’d Aaron get along with Andy?

29:04: How to get involved in Cody’s real estate deals

31:52: Personal growth, health, and self-care

35:29: Biohacking and longevity protocols

40:18: Advanced health testing and its benefits

43:01: Cody’s online debate with someone

46:19: Biohacking and reprogramming people’s beliefs

47:47: The importance of changing one’s mindset towards food

49:32: How to get into Aaron’s program

51:25: The gym culture is great for leaving a bad day

52:26: Aaron’s fitness routine

56:06: Prioritizing health and fitness for overall well-being

57:51: Gym-goers make great entrepreneurs

1:01:49: How to connect with Aaron Williamson

1:02:25: How to support The Clever Investor

1:03:46: END