#44: Max Jimenez The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Join Cody Sperber on today’s episode as he chats with Max Jimenez, a real estate pro who’s great at selling. Max helped Cody when real estate was tough. They chat about being positive, having a plan, and owning sales. Max shares tricks like preparing questions, scripts, and fixing issues. He also talks about understanding clients and making friends first. Max shows how to handle problems and be a great leader.

He also shares his morning habits and says success is a must. Sales and business go hand-in-hand, and loyalty matters. Tune in to learn Max’s sales secrets and supercharge your skills!

Max Jimenez is a Phoenix, Arizona, native renowned as “El Cerrador Jimenez.” With a knack for closing deals, he founded “TheClosersLab,” where he simplifies the process of closing deals, tackling rejections, explaining sales steps, and dissecting complex transactions. Max is your trusted mentor for mastering the world of sales.


Max’s game-changing impact on Cody’s real estate business

The keys to a successful sales team: mindset, accountability, and strategy

Pro tips for nailing sales calls, from preparation to rapport-building

Techniques like mirroring, reversals, and takeaways to handle objections

The vital role of leadership and coaching in achieving sales success

How sales skills are essential for entrepreneurship

The significance of loyalty in business relationships


Website URL: https://linktr.ee/realmaxjimenez

Max Jimenez IG πŸ‘‰ https://www.instagram.com/realmaxjimenez/

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Max Jimenez YT πŸ‘‰ https://www.youtube.com/@realmaxjimenez

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00:00: Prelude

00:11: Introduction to Max Jimenez

00:45: Reviving a struggling wholesaling business

03:06: Competing in the Closure Olympics

04:10: Sales team improvement and accountability

07:10: What turns someone into a closer?

09:00: The system called “Pass”

10:23: The importance of a framework for sales success

11:31: Balancing aggressiveness with patience and emotional detachment

13:08: Using questions to close real estate deals

16:56: Real estate investing and effective communication with sellers

18:01: The importance of coaching sellers to have post-contract conversations

20:21: The importance of staying in contact with the seller

23:07: Real estate sales process and objections

27:12: The three phases of a phone call

28:18: Hiring opportunities for closers

29:38: Clevercapitalfund.com

30:55: Creating a high-performing sales culture

34:35: Overcoming objections and ending the call on a positive note

36:27: How important is it to identify personality types?

37:39: Instilling confidence and activating listening skills

39:24: The importance of building rapport

42:34: Negotiation techniques and dealing with difficult sellers

46:15: Sales training and team dynamics

50:27: Personal development habits and leadership books

53:55: Sales mindset and enrolling clients

57:53: Taking success personally and intentionally

1:00:40: The importance of having a servant’s heart and mindset

1:02:00: Sales persuasion and influence

1:02:47: Loyalty is key to building a successful team

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1:04:51: How to support The Clever Investor

1:06:12: END