#42: Ryan Tseko The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In today’s episode of The Clever Investor, Cody hosts Ryan Tseko, who started as an aspiring pilot with no money and later became a real estate investor. They discuss his journey, touch on real estate during the 2008 crisis, clever marketing, and deals with real estate celebrities. Ryan emphasizes the importance of pursuing dreams despite obstacles. He also talks about transitioning from being a pilot to working with Grant Cardone in real estate. He highlights their success in raising $1.2 billion in retail investments, eliminating middlemen, and adapting to changing real estate strategies due to social media. Lastly, Ryan shares his vision of growing Cardone Capital and the significance of loyalty and commitment to goals.

Ryan Tseko is the Executive Vice President at Cardone Capital, managing a $4 billion real estate portfolio. He’s from Utah, loves flying, and became a pilot early on. Despite a successful pilot career, he also got into real estate, starting small with a four-bedroom house and eventually owning 21 apartments while still flying. His story shows his passion for both flying and real estate, proving his determination to achieve his goals.


Ryan’s path from aspiring pilot to owning 21 properties

Surviving the 2008 financial crisis in real estate

Embracing mentorship and seizing opportunities

Cardone Capital’s remarkable $1.2 billion fundraising and 12,000 rental units

Real estate’s transformation driven by social media

Ryan’s vision for Cardone Capital’s future growth

The power of loyalty and unwavering commitment


Website URL: https://pilotryan.com/

Ryan Tseko IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/ryantseko/

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Ryan Tseko YT 👉 https://www.youtube.com/@RyanTseko10X

Ryan Tseko Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/RyanTseko

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00:00: Prelude

00:11: Introduction to Ryan Tseko

01:54: How did Ryan get started in real estate?

04:44: The ideal scene of moving from motorcycling to cars to airplanes

08:58: The hardest part about being a pilot

10:25: Go and do things that you’re gonna regret when you’re dying

11:40: How did Ryan transition to getting into real estate?

15:30: The energy of wanting more in life and a better life

17:58: The licensing deal with Josh Altman

19:52: How a business relationship can go wrong

21:02: The one thing Cody would have done differently

23:43: Borrowing $10,000 from his dad to buy a property

27:23: Building infrastructure to go and scale the business

28:23: Clevercapitalfund.com

30:33: The process of buying a property

32:07: The 1% rule

33:01: Ryan’s big thing that he had to learn

34:08: How did Ryan meet Grant Cardone?

37:27: What is a good deal in real estate?

39:36: Learning from the bottom up

40:36: People who are winners find solutions

42:08: The challenges of the airbnb business

43:57: How to scale the business by buying 400 units every month

45:33: Raising capital from non-accredited investors

48:16: Never waver on the asset

49:53: Raising capital through leads

53:46: What’s the endgame for Ryan?

55:30: Could somebody come and steal Ryan from Grant now?

57:18: Loyalty is rare

58:42: How to get involved in real estate deals?

1:00:39: How to connect with Ryan Tseko?

1:03:24: How to support The Clever Investor?