#41: Andy Elliot The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode, Cody Sperber chats with sales expert Andy Elliot. They talk about Andy’s journey from selling cars to successful training, highlighting that real success involves money, good relationships, and feeling well. Andy’s wife encouraged work-life balance, and fitness pro Aaron Williamson emphasized how feeling good helps you perform at your best. Andy gives tips on easy sales like talking well and being real, drawing from his own experience. They also talk about building a strong business and team, with Andy’s leadership based on trust and unity, inspired by successful people. They touch on staying true, giving back, creating a positive work culture, working with influencers, valuing the team, and sharing what they’ve learned. They wrap up by focusing on the importance of connecting with the host and community for support and growth.

Andy Elliott is the dynamic CEO of The Elliott Group, renowned for his relentless dedication to equipping salespeople around the world to unlock their full potential. Andy possesses a unique talent for swiftly enhancing the abilities of both newcomers and seasoned professionals, making profound improvements in their sales techniques overnight. Currently based in Arizona, Andy resides with his loving wife and three wonderful children.


Andy Elliot’s journey from car sales to successful sales training

Success encompassing financial prosperity, strong relationships, and physical well-being

Effective sales strategies: making it easy to say “yes,” refining communication skills, and crafting scripts

Fostering a family-like team culture through transparency, trust, and loyalty

The significance of high standards, a unique company culture, and parallels with successful entrepreneurs

Embracing authenticity, purpose-driven companies, and valuing human capital for business success

Overcoming challenges, attending events, and the importance of personal growth experiences

Connecting with the community for support and genuine engagement


Website URL: https://elliott247.com/

Andy Elliot IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/officialandyelliott/

Andy Elliot FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/theandyelliott

Andy Elliot YT 👉 https://www.youtube.com/@AndyElliottOfficial

Andy Elliot LinkedIn 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyelliottofficial/


00:00: Prelude

00:11: Introduction to Andy Elliot

00:32: How to get it all

03:21: The value of training people

05:44: Hiring people who believe what you believe

09:04: Your wife or husband is your greatest superpower

12:47: Success is getting it all

18:56: Everything is going to cost you more than you want to pay

22:33: The reason why a lot of people aren’t growing their businesses

24:24: What Andy learned in 2019

27:32: How did he get his first million views?

29:37: The importance of having an Instagram channel

33:51: Leadership and sales cure everything

35:06: How to be a better salesperson

38:18: How to get people to believe in themselves

41:44: Cody’s mentor’s advice to him

45:43: Plan your dive, dive your plan!

49:01: Paying your success tax

52:09: Building a company that has never been built

57:27: Finding the right team

1:03:00: The importance of setting culture standards

1:04:59: Why Andy is not afraid to tell the truth

1:07:36: Everybody is qualified. Everybody matters

1:10:34: When your backs are against the wall, you’re dangerous

1:15:02: How is Andy making his money?

1:19:49: How to connect with Andy

1:21:47: How to support The Clever Investor podcast

1:23:09: END