#40: Dr. De The Clever Investor Show Podcast

On this episode of The Clever Investor Show, Cody welcomes Dr. Marcos De Andrade, also known as Doctor De. Doctor D discusses how to become the best versions of ourselves and optimize our health and well-being. Doctor D explains the importance of blood work, full body scans, and a clean environment, as well as having a good relationship with God and a balanced life. He also emphasizes the effects of environmental toxins and a lack of nutrients on testosterone levels and suggests a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Finally, Doctor D encourages people to take advantage of Biohax services, strive for a life of abundance, and die as young as possible.

Dr. Marcos De Andrade, also known as “Dr. De,” is the founder of Biohax, a company that customizes health and performance plans based on each person’s unique makeup. With a background in biology and medicine, Dr. De created the Biohax Longevity Process (BLP) to optimize well-being on a cellular level. His personal health journey inspired him to establish Biohax and share his expertise worldwide.


Dr. Marcos de Andrade discusses optimizing health

Detox and proper nutrition are emphasized due to environmental toxins

Balanced hormones through DNA, epigenetics, and environment analysis

Personalized hormone protocols using advanced technologies

Focus on enhancing vitality and well-being at any age

Natural hormones debunk cancer misconceptions

Rejuvenating effects of increased oxygenation based on Dr. Otto Warburg’s work

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for overall wellness

Costs, entry levels, and services offered by the Biohax company are discussed

Engaging social media presence and enjoyable health optimization practices


Website URL: https://biohax.com/

Dr Marcos De Andrade IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/biohaxs/

Dr Marcos De Andrade FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/biohaxsinstitute

Dr Marcos De Andrade YT 👉 https://www.youtube.com/@biohaxs3184/


00:00: Prelude

00:11: Introduction to Dr. Marcos De Andrade

02:13: What does Dr. D do to help transform people?

05:02: The importance of getting your testosterone levels checked

10:36: The difference between nutrient therapy and hormones

12:34: Full-body MRs and predictive cancer screening

16:08: The importance of methylation and epigenetics

19:21: Combat cancer, improve health, and increase performance

22:19: How do you tell if you’ve been using testosterone?

26:35: How listeners can get involved in Cody’s real estate deals

29:12: Does testosterone cause cancer?

33:09: The difference between growth hormones and peptides

39:42: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and aging

42:51: Oxygen healing, performance, health, hyperbaric chamber

48:33: How much does it cost?

51:03: Optimize health, wealth, and life

53:48: How to get more information about Biohax

55:33: How to Support The Clever Investor Show

56:55: END