#38: Mark Lack The Clever Investor Show Podcast

How Celebrity Partnerships and Personal Branding can Transform Your Life with Cody Sperber and Mark Lack

Mark Lack is a renowned expert in personal branding with an impressive client roster. He has created a leading training system and program on Personal Branding, with thousands of students across 50 countries. As a bestselling author and TV host of Business Rockstars, Mark has interviewed over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs. INC Magazine recognizes him as one of the top Personal Branding experts. He travels the country speaking and helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow their income, impact, and influence.

Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Mark was a world-class professional paintball player. He also serves on The Board of Advisors for The LEAP foundation, a top youth motivational leadership program. Visit www.LEAPfoundation.com for more information.

In this episode of the “Clever Investor Show”, Cody and Mark discuss the importance of building a personal brand in the real estate industry and share strategies and tactics for successful brand building. They cover topics like customer acquisition, scaling business, and the power of personal branding in establishing trust and rapport. Mark also reveals his exciting projects, including partnering with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Dan Bilzerian to launch their masterclasses.

They also touch on their experience in getting the attention of celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, their investment firm specializing in real estate deals, the importance of building trust with customers, the strategy of using third-party endorsements to sell products or services, and the potential courses or programs that celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Dan Bilzerian could offer. They also mention the idea of personal development courses and the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Mark expresses excitement about the marketing opportunities and potential success that working with influential figures can bring. He also touches on the declining masculinity and the need for leadership in that space, while emphasizing the importance of being politically correct and cautious about online content that can live on the internet indefinitely.


Importance of personal branding in the real estate industry.

Strategies for successful brand building.

Power of personal branding in establishing trust and rapport.

Exciting projects partnering with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Dan Bilzerian.

Getting celebrities’ attention and its opportunities.

Expertise in real estate deals.

Using third-party endorsements to boost sales.

Potential courses by celebrities.

Focus on personal development and positive impact.

Excitement about marketing opportunities with influential figures.

Addressing declining masculinity and need for leadership.

Caution about online content’s long-term impact.


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00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Mark Lack

02:53 – The first year of making money

03:31 – Customer acquisition is the game!

04:39 – Launching the masterclass of Floyd Mayweather and Dan Bilzerian

06:08 – How to get in the room?

07:04 – Building a personal brand and reputation

08:03 – Building rapport and trust

09:59 – Be authentic and then share it

10:35 – Being a creator vs a consumer

12:17 – Identifying the problem to solve for your audience

15:25 – Access information is a commodity

16:34 – Personal branding is all about authenticity