#37: Bryant Aplass & Forrest Blackburn The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode, Cody is joined by successful real estate entrepreneurs, Bryant Aplass and Forrest Blackburn. They discuss their real estate journey, successes, failures, and the importance of networking. Bryant emphasizes starting with wholesaling to learn the real estate language and build strong connections. They explore AI and modern techniques for finding real estate deals and stress the importance of knowing buyers’ preferences.

They reflect on past mistakes, staying focused, and shifting towards commercial and multifamily real estate for higher returns. Bryant shares a personal story about securing his daughter’s financial future through a real estate investment. Forrest gives key advice to new investors to start small, stay persistent, and focus on personal development and continuous learning.


Forrest Blackburn is a highly accomplished American entrepreneur and real estate investor with a proven track record of scaling companies to 8 figures. He has been involved in over 1000 transactions, selling properties worth over $1 billion. Featured on HGTV’s Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, Forrest is a master of the 8-Figure Blueprint and has expertise in sales, marketing, and building successful real estate investing companies. He provides comprehensive strategies for scaling businesses in the REI space.

Bryant Aplass is a successful real estate entrepreneur with a successful track record in the industry. He advocates starting with wholesaling to learn the language of real estate and build strong connections. He places great value on genuine networking, where helping others is key to fostering meaningful relationships.


They discuss their journey in real estate investing, including successes, failures, and networking importance.

Bryant emphasizes starting with wholesaling to learn real estate language and build strong connections.

Networking focus: intention and reciprocity for meaningful relationships.

Strategies for finding deals using AI and smart techniques.

Benefits of AI in identifying potential discounted properties from vast data.

Importance of understanding buyers’ preferences through “Buy Box” criteria.

Lesson learned: stay focused, avoid distractions, and say no to unrelated opportunities.

Shift towards commercial and multifamily real estate for higher returns and tax benefits.

Personal story about Bryant buying a property for his daughter’s financial future.

Key advice for new investors: start small, be persistent, and stay positive.

Emphasis on personal development, healthy habits, and continuous learning for real estate success.


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00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Forrest Blackburn and Bryant Aplass

02:16 – Quick background about Forrest Blackburn

05:06 – Bryant’s professional background and how he learned how to build a business

09:35 – What Bryant learned from his first investment

11:47 – Saving money by figuring out all the best materials and pricing

13:50 – Learn through your lessons not through other people’s lessons

17:47 – How to find good deals?

19:40 – Wholesale is a fast cash cycle

21:42 – What are the secrets of networking?

25:39 – Networking is not just handing out business cards, it’s about follow-up

26:49 – Using AI to find deals using artificial intelligence

29:30 – clevercapital fund.com