#36: Anthony Morrison The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode of the “Clever Investor Show”, Anthony Morrison joins us and shares his unique strategy of using junk mail URLs for effective credit card targeting. He talks about his success in infomercials, partnering with Dean Graziosi, and the importance of authenticity in marketing. Anthony also discusses his love for cars, scaling his business to $200 million, and the impact of their show. He highlights the potential of infomercials in real estate and his upcoming project. The episode emphasizes the importance of being authentic, automating business processes, and prioritizing family alongside business success.


Anthony Morrison is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker known for his success in the field of internet marketing. He gained recognition for his work in email marketing, affiliate marketing, and online business. Anthony Morrison has written several books, including “The Hidden Millionaire” and “Advertising Profits From Home,” which provide insights and strategies for individuals looking to achieve financial success through online marketing. He has also appeared on various media outlets, sharing his expertise and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


Anthony shares his strategy for targeting credit card applicants using junk mail URLs.

He discusses his successful partnership with Dean Graziosi in infomercials and book sales.

The importance of authenticity in marketing and the differences between TV and internet buyers.

He reflects on scaling his business to $200 million and the impact of their show.

Authenticity and intuition in selling are emphasized, along with embracing personal stories.

Automating business processes to regain time and focus is discussed.

The mindset of always striving to be the best and surrounding oneself with growth-inspiring people is touched upon.

Anthony expresses a desire to have started a family earlier and the need to prioritize family alongside business success.


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00:00 – Prelude

00:13 – Introduction to Anthony Morrison

02:04 – Little background about Mississippi

04:00 – The turning point of Anthonyโ€™s life

07:52 – Becoming one of the top marketers in the United States

09:42 – How he discovered credit card affiliate marketing

11:15 – How to market credit cards in a way that no one else knew?

14:15 – The importance of keeping your mouth shut

16:09 – Building a credit card system and selling it on QVC

17:27 – Selling a million copies of his book

18:55 – Authenticity is key to success

20:23 – How long it takes to film an infomercial

22:27 – The difference between TV buyers and internet buyers

24:18 – First profit from the business

26:01ย  – How to get involved in real estate deals: capitalfund.com

28:01 – You donโ€™t realize how many people are going through the same thing

29:54 – Facebook ads vs TV ads

31:13 – Infomercials in the real estate space

32:49: – The book called: Digital Advantage

34:36 – How much it costs to make an infomercial

37:52 – Pre-writing a book vs Pre-creating all the assets

39:41 – A complete implosion of confidence

42:06 – Why couldnโ€™t I pitch with authority?

43:43 –ย  Being coached instead of being yourself

46:29 – One of Anthony’s most successful webinars

49:03 – Webinars became the Infomercial

50:22 – Anthony abandons his marriage to focus on webinars