#35: Brent Daniels The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode of the “Clever Investor Show”, we are joined by the incredible Brent Daniels. Cody and Brent teach the basics of real estate wholesaling, from finding distressed properties to connecting sellers with buyers. They emphasize the importance of being a genuine buyer and using various strategies like social media and networking to market contracts. Brent highlights effective communication, proactive searching, and using tools like Mojo for efficient calls. They share their experience, including expanding the market and finding leads through investor groups and online platforms. They stress finding distressed properties, consistent marketing, and building rapport. New investors are advised to focus on wholesaling first and prioritize mindset, learning, community, and service for success in real estate.


Brent Daniels is the founder of Talk To People, a proactive, action oriented approach to real estate wholesaling. After years of being a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona, Brent discovered a process within real estate called wholesaling while he was listing a property. He quickly made the pivot to wholesaling, the art of finding properties at a discount and selling a contract to the property to investors. Brent now owns a multi-million dollar wholesale business and coaches others to get their first or hundredth deal.

Brent has created a platform dedicated to resources for real estate wholesalers and also hosts LIVE YouTube shows every week with audience Q&A and real estate market updates.


Cody and Brent cover the basics of real estate wholesaling, from finding distressed properties to securing contracts.

The importance of being a genuine buyer and offering options like transactional funding or partnering with local investors.

Marketing contracts to potential buyers through social media, networking, and reaching out to agents and wholesalers is discussed.

Wholesaling is about connecting motivated sellers with cash buyers and earning a fee as a matchmaker.

Brent highlights effective communication, proactive searching, and three ways to secure deals

Using an auto dialer system like Mojo, well-prepared scripts, and consistent communication builds confidence.

The Deal Automator is briefly mentioned as an organizational tool.

Brent emphasizes market expansion and utilizing investor groups and online platforms.

Abundant opportunities in the real estate market are emphasized, along with a blueprint for successful wholesaling.

Consistent direct mail marketing and building rapport with potential sellers are discussed.

New investors are advised to focus on wholesaling and building their business before exploring creative financing.

Mindset, continuous learning, supportive community, and being of service are crucial for success in the real estate industry.


Website URL: https://www.wholesalinginc.com/mentorship/

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00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Brent Daniels

02:15 – Why real estate is a future-proof business

03:45 – What wholesaling is and why it’s important

05:46 – The average upkeep for a single-family property

07:05 – Three buckets of distress for property owners

08:16 – Wholesaling is the art of finding discounted propertie

09:08 – How do you know if you’re a real buyer?

10:15 – Have a conversation with a transactional funding company

11:03 – Wholesaling is finding distressed properties

12:28 – What is equitable interest in real estate?

13:42 – The importance of having a real estate license

16:38 – How the tech companies have pushed us forward