#34: Russell Brunson The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Russell Brunson is a renowned American entrepreneur, author, and online marketing expert. He co-founded ClickFunnels, a widely used software platform for creating sales funnels and online marketing campaigns. With a passion for marketing and sales, Brunson started his first online business while in college, igniting his interest in internet marketing. In 2005, he launched ClickFunnels, which quickly became a popular tool for entrepreneurs and marketers. Brunson has authored influential books like “DotCom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets” and is a sought-after speaker at industry events.

He also founded the Two Comma Club and hosts the “Marketing Secrets” podcast. Brunson’s expertise and entrepreneurial journey have inspired countless individuals and businesses to succeed in the online marketplace.

In this episode, Russell’s discussion centers around ClickFunnels’ revolutionary impact on marketing, emphasizing the transition from personal growth to helping others. He shares success stories of individuals, including a world champion calf roper and an actress who found success using ClickFunnels. The challenges faced during ClickFunnels’ scaling are acknowledged. Russell unveils his strategic plan to integrate AI into websites, envisioning personalized experiences tailored to individuals. He believes this approach will revolutionize marketing and increase conversion rates. Furthermore, he reveals plans for his book, “The Call to Adventure,” aiming to guide people towards success and fulfillment through personal journeys.

Russell expresses his passion for rare books and his involvement in building a unique library that doubles as an event center, featuring special elements like a James Bond-style staircase and anti-theft lasers. The importance of pursuing one’s passion is highlighted, regardless of its direct alignment with business goals. Lastly, Russell briefly mentions his discussions with Tony Robbins regarding environmental concerns and positive impact efforts.


Russell shares the story of ClickFunnels’ creation and its impact on the marketing industry.

Transition from personal growth to contribution and the joy of helping others with acquired knowledge and skills.

Successful ClickFunnels users include a world champion calf roper and an actress who discovered her unique skill set.

ClickFunnels has enabled a diverse range of people to find success in their businesses.

Challenges and hardships faced during the scaling of ClickFunnels are acknowledged.

Russell’s upcoming strategic plan involves integrating AI technology into websites and funnels for personalized experiences.

Implementing AI and personalization is expected to revolutionize marketing and increase conversion rates.

Russell plans to write a book called “The Call to Adventure” to help people find success and fulfillment through personal journeys.

Pursuing passions, even if they don’t directly align with business goals, is important.


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00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Russell Brunson

03:01 – How did click funnels get started?

05:17 – Pivotal moments along the way

06:02 – Transition from growth to contribute to entrepreneurship

08:09 – Tyson Durfee, the world champion calf roper

09:34 – How to be like us, not like us

10:10 – How bumpy the scaling of click funnels was

13:39 – The hard times of growth

15:03 – His phone starts exploding with messages and death threats

16:12 – His first chance to be a leader

17:15 – The next day of damage control