#29: Trav Lubinksy The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Join Cody Sperber as he welcomes entrepreneur and investor Trav Lubinsky to an engaging podcast episode. Explore Trav’s journey, from his for-purpose business to appearances on reality TV shows. Discover insights on international product sourcing, creating a unique watch brand, and integrating cause marketing. Gain valuable advice on entrepreneurship, brand building, and overcoming challenges. Dive into topics like licensing deals, e-commerce, Airbnb ventures, and the power of celebrity endorsements. Get inspired to pursue success and connect with them for assistance in setting up Airbnb properties. Don’t miss this insightful conversation!


Trav Lubinsky is a visionary entrepreneur known for his diverse skill set and extensive business partnerships. As the founder of Flex Watches, he gained recognition on CNBC’s “The Profit” and collaborated with Marcus Lemonis for further ventures. With a relentless drive to succeed, Trav excels in identifying untapped opportunities and creating pathways to success. He has successfully licensed products for top brands like Disney, Star Wars, Universal, and Minions. Trav’s portfolio showcases his versatility as an entrepreneur and investor, spanning high-end real estate, property tech, a restaurant, a marketing agency, a watch company, NFT projects, and charity tech. This well-rounded portfolio combines stability with innovation and positions Trav for continued success in the future.


Discover how Trav integrates purpose into his business model, sourcing products overseas and donating proceeds to charity through Flex Watches.

Learn about Trav’s licensing deal with Viacom for product integration on “Real World,” exploring the investment, exposure, and sales generated.

Trav reveals the initial hurdles faced in running an online business, from server crashes to inventory management and customer service.

Trav discusses brand-building strategies, leveraging TV shows and influencers, and the charitable aspect of Flex Watches.

Hear about Trav’s achievements with Facebook ads, celebrity endorsements, and their venture into Airbnb, integrating brands for a unique guest experience.

Discover how Trav scaled the concept of integrating brands into Airbnb properties, offering guests the chance to shop and enjoy add-ons and activities.

Trav reflects on running Airbnb properties professionally, creative financing, and the impact of charitable initiatives, concluding with advice for success.


Website URL: https://travbrand.com/ https://flexwatches.com/

Trav Lubinsky IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/trav/


00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Trav Lubinsky

01:52 – How Trav got into entrepreneurship

05:14 – Creating a brand for flex watches

06:47 – How Flex watches got their name

10:02 – Working with Viacom

13:56 – Building over 100 schools in third-world countries

17:26 – Going from zero to a million sales

18:11 – Running a business at the age of 25

20:58 – Adding value to the customers.

23:07 – The logistics side of the business

24:28 – Getting traffic from youtube and partnering with influencers

30:48 – How to automate and delegate tasks

31:54 – Building a personal brand is vitally important

37:00 – Finding a creative way into the game

40:33 – Cody Sperber’s marketing genius

43:51 – The value of celebrity endorsement

46:49 – Being vulnerable and putting yourself out there

51:12 – How they got into real estate during the pandemic

58:45 – Getting 25,000-30,000 new followers a month on Instagram

01:01:42 – How to make people feel phenomenal

01:04:51 – How to get a house ready for Airbnb

01:07:04 – Creative financing for the future of Airbnb

01:08:22 – Sales are the lifeblood of all these companies

01:09:11 – The most impactful charity that flex watch has supported

01:11:46 – How to find and follow Trav

01:15:47 – END


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