#28: TJ Tijani The Clever Investor Show Podcast

In this episode of the Clever Investor Show, TJ shares his journey from being an engineer in the oil industry to becoming a successful real estate investor with 32 properties. He discusses different ways to make money in the Airbnb space and reveals his secrets to success, such as prioritizing education and building a strong personal brand. TJ emphasizes the importance of consistency in wholesaling and highlights the significance of marketing skills. He explores the world of short-term rentals and explains how he combined buying, fixing, and renting with property arbitrage to scale his business.

About TJ Tijani:

TJ’s portfolio of STR properties acquired through ownership and rental arbitrage is nothing short of awe-inspiring. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! His ingenious business model has set the stage for transforming medium-sized value-add apartments into mind-blowing boutique hotels. Prepare to have your mind blown!

When it comes to finance, business, and real estate, TJ’s knowledge is an unstoppable force. With an unwavering passion, he is dedicated to helping individuals like you pave their path to unprecedented financial independence through the extraordinary realm of real estate.


Different ways to make money in the Airbnb space: landlord hosting, rental arbitrage, and co-hosting.

Secrets to TJ’s success: education, building a personal brand, and consistency.

The importance of marketing and sales skills and transition from wholesaling to investing in rental properties and property arbitrage.

TJ’s goal of creating boutique hotels and branded accommodations.

Practical strategies for pricing, guest communication, and using tools like Hospitable and Guesty.

Importance of theming in short-term rentals and examples of successful themed properties.

Common mistakes in the Airbnb industry and the use of specialized software for guest screening and insurance.

The significance of confidence and effective communication in securing rental arbitrage deals.

The power of persistence and mentorship in achieving success.

Importance of not negotiating with one’s own goals and the connection between health and productivity.

Creative financing strategies in real estate, including lease purchase and lease options.


Website URL: https://strroadmap.com/ / https://rentalmerch.com/

Tj Tijani IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/tjtijani/


00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to TJ Tijani

02:34 – The evolution of TJ into real estate investing

04:08 – Three ways to get into the Airbnb business

06:24 – How he got into the real estate game

08:33 – Becoming the best salesman in the store

11:03 – TJ’s first real estate deal

13:16 – The challenge of wholesaling short-term rentals

15:01 – Three buckets of sellers

16:28 – Sales persuasion and influence skills

17:32 –  The skill you got to develop is Motivational Interviewing

19:31 – The jump from hustler wholesaling to full-time real estate investing

22:11 – Boutique hotels and flagship branded hotels

24:52 – Core pieces that people need for a successful short-term rental business

26:33 – Consistency and consistency

27:32 – How to get into the space for one

28:18 – Maintenance issues for landlords

29:33 – Things to do at the beginning of the journey

31:44 – Communication is vitally important in real estate

33:09 – Tools for guests communication

33:59 – How important is it to emphasize design and themes

34:33 – Theme with intention and purpose

37:20 – How people screw up on the Airbnb side of things

38:53 – Background checks and additional insurance policies

39:16 – Pricing factors into the type of guest

41:19 – The importance of having a script for finding a tenant and the perfect tenant business plan for landlords

42:22- How to get into the arbitrage space

43:27 – Read scripts