#23: Mark and Crystal Hansen The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Joining us on The Clever Investor Show today is Mark Hansen

Established as a cultural icon in 1990, Mark and his business partner Jack Canfield created what Time magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade,” with over 110 million Chicken Soup for the Soul books sold worldwide – one of the most successful publishing franchises of all time. Internationally known keynote speaker and personality

With his one-of-a-kind technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he receives high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers of our time. Having spoken in more than 60 countries, Mark has shared his message of opportunity and action and created a powerful transformation in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide.

In this podcast episode, Mark and Crystal share their insights on personal growth in various areas such as business, real estate, and philanthropy. Their book, “The Book of Asking,” is also discussed as a tool for improving one’s questioning skills, starting with overcoming self-doubt. Mark emphasizes the importance of mindset and product innovation to keep customers engaged. The concept of the S-curve in business is also touched upon. The couple encourages listeners to build the habit of asking questions, including questioning the existence of a creator. They also advocate for making money and giving back to society, while discussing the negative impact of social media and promoting forgiveness, and moving on from disagreements


Mark and Crystal highlight growth in business, real estate, and philanthropy, and stress the power of asking questions for exponential growth. “The Book of Asking” offers tools for asking better questions, featuring inspiring stories from 21 people who made a difference in the world through their asking journey, starting with a lack of self-worth.

Mark highlights the significance of changing one’s mindset, creating new products to engage customers, and the S-curve concept in business.

They advocate for ending poverty through entrepreneurship and education, citing the example of Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ success Mark and Crystal emphasizes the importance of sales and writing skills, making money, and giving back to society while encouraging forgiveness and inspiring new entrepreneurs.


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00:00 – Prelude 00:15 – Introduction to Mark Hansen

03:34 – The power of being a philanthropist

07:31 – The secret sauce of asking the RIGHT questions

10:34 – Understanding the categories of question

12:22 – How to ask the right questions?

16:02 – Life needs balance and connection

19:34 – The story of Charlie Green and Mark Hansen

24:12 – The king and queen of Denmark

28:40 – The Chicken Soup for the Soul formula

36:38 – Mark’s biggest mistake

40:12 – Biggest lessons learned from Andrew Carnegie

43:38 – The first sign that life is always a problem

44:00 – Promotion

45:51 – You can’t break physical laws, but you can transmute human law

49:37 – Getting back into my spiritual life

50:18 – Human beings will always let us down

52:20 – We are created in our creator’s image

56:16 – What happens with atheism in the big schools?

59:46 – We need more entrepreneurs than politicians

1:03:11 – You can’t control the market

1:06:37 – Learn how to ask the right questions

1:10:50 – The importance of writing a book

1:14:36 – Turning garbage into a resource