#21: Josh Snow The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Joining us today on the Clever Investor Show is Josh Snow

Josh Snow is the proprietor of the nine-figure DTC brand SNOW Teeth Whitening. Snow Teeth made almost $100 million in sales in its first three years of operation. They are the 49th most well-liked Shopify store globally. Compared to market leaders like Colgate or Crest, they receive more internet visitors. He spent over $5 million of his own money on Facebook advertisements each month. He is also a co-founder of the insurance-related contact center, Pocket Your Money, which generates over 1.5 million calls annually. Furthermore, he serves as a mentor on the pioneering new TV program Going Public, which allows viewers to Click-to-Invest as they watch! Most recently, La La Anthony and Josh co-founded INALA, a luxury women’s hair care line. He accomplished all of that prior to turning 29.

In today’s podcast episode, Cody and Josh share their entrepreneurial journey, from building a successful lead generation business in the insurance space to creating a range of oral care products sold globally, to utilizing AI in real estate and exploring its potential implications. They emphasize the importance of persistence, personal branding, and mentorship in overcoming challenges and achieving success. Their conversation touches on communication skills, the impact of social media, and the need to align individual self-interest with the larger vision to create a successful team. Overall, their inspiring journey highlights the power of innovation and the ability to adapt to changes in technology and industry.


Josh discusses the challenges of creating a new product from scratch, including finding a formula that addresses common customer complaints, locating manufacturers, and creating packaging. He also discusses the importance of being involved in all aspects of the business and his decision to make his products in the USA. He talks about his experience of starting an agency and learning how to make money on social media by running ads for small businesses. He emphasizes the importance of learning a skill that solves a business pain point, charging a little less than the market rate, over-delivering, and then asking for referrals.

Josh discusses the importance of regulating one’s responses and practicing stoicism, as well as the ability to create content and build a personal brand.

Josh describes how they are using AI in real estate by using software called the Deal Automator, which uses big data and AI to generate targeted leads.

He also describes their experience seeking mentorship in their career, starting with watching YouTube videos and then volunteering at nonprofit events and career days at schools.


Website URL: https://powerhouseinvite.com/ & https://www.trysnow.com/

Social Media URL:

Josh Snow IG πŸ‘‰Β  https://www.instagram.com/joshsnow/?fbclid=IwAR2pBl9o491rmV5EQHA7RqJ1KuNAx_9xSxcbdb7PYhEz1vePfkJfRr-x2Ng

Josh Snow Linked In πŸ‘‰ https://www.linkedin.com/in/josheeeeeee/

Josh Snow Twitter πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/joshelizetxe?fbclid=IwAR1LO1o0qnXko9YtK9T0Jq3YROyWshjlLBGvhNgoO78W2llXxLoIVY_QzTE

Josh Snow FB πŸ‘‰ https://www.facebook.com/meetjoshsnow


00:00 – Prelude

00:11 – Introduction to Josh Snow

02:43 – How did Josh get into the industry?

03:01 – How Snow was built?

05:10 – What did they do to generate over 90% of their leads and customers internally?

6:45 – What was the innovation in the business and why did they start with a lower payout rate?

7:50 – Josh built and acquired call centers and affiliate marketing to diversify their business across various platforms

8:46 – How did Josh build a profitable business utilizing competitive advantages, resulting in a $70 million transaction?

10:26 – You kind of have to CHOOSE which horse you’re BETTING on!

13:21 –Β  Celebrity partnerships

14:16 – Did Josh start their business by searching for an opportuni