#18: Robert Kiyosaki The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Joining us today on the Clever Investor Show is Robert Kiyosaki.

Meet Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned real estate investor, entrepreneur, and educator, best known as the author of the #1 personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, with over 41 million copies sold worldwide in 51 languages. He is best known for challenging conventional wisdom on money and investing and advocates for financial education to create more entrepreneurs who can generate jobs.

Kiyosaki simplifies complex concepts and encourages audiences of all ages and backgrounds to become financially educated and free.


Kiyosaki shares how his book has changed the lives of many investors. He discusses the importance of protecting yourself in the current economy and the negative effects of Biden’s first act on his first day of Presidency. Kiyosaki gives his predictions on the future of the stock market, real estate, and the value of the dollar. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the value of real estate before investing in it and discusses how the fractional reserve system, taxes, and inflation can “mess up” the little guy.

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00:12 – Introduction to Robert Kiyosaki
01:13 – How “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has changed the lives of many investors out there
02:15 – Protecting yourself for what is coming in the economy
02:20 – Biden’s first act on his first day of Presidency
03:00 – Oil is the life line of civilization, in doing so, he is crushing the middle class
03:45 – The gap between the rich and the poor
04:15 – Is there hope for someone who is just getting started in the money game?
04:45 – Robert Kiyosaki’s thoughts on Former President Trump
05:15 – Stocks and bonds are going to crash, Real Estate is going too come down, but so is the value of the dollar
06:00 – Withdrawing from Afghanistan, and the negative effects of it to the country
08:45 – What is Robert Kiyosaki thinking about the financial crisis that is ahead?
09:45 – How do you end up owning a silver and a gold mine?
11:00 – The Ukraine-Russian war and what that can mean for the world
12:00 – Understand the value of the real estate before you start buying real estate
13:45 – Wall Street Criminal
14:30 – Real Estate is tangible asset that you can control
15:30 – How is the fractional reserve system, taxes and inflation mess up the little guy
17:15 – Will our privacy be gone when they change the dollar to a cryptocurrency?
20:00 – How the Clever Investor is teaching others to get in the game of Real Estate Investing
22:00 – The impact Robert Kiyosaki made for Real Estate Investors
23:00 – What does Robert Kiyosaki think about the Artificial Intelligence? (AI)
24:30 – How did “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” come into fruition?
26:00 – How an economics teacher taught to read the “Communist Manifesto”
29:00 – 2020 being the power move of counting the votes
30:45 – Robert Kiyosaki’s welcome home from war plus the conversation of war changing a person
32:50 – If Robert was in charge, what moves would he make?
35:00 – The power of psychology on what type of web browser do you use?
36:30 – Business is a team sport
40:00 – REITs can control the real estate and they can control the wealth
41:30 – Owning a Wagyu farm and breeding bulls
43:45 – Will there be a World War 3?
46:00 – What would advice be for a new entrepreneur getting started?
51:00 – Self Made Millionaire in the process
54:00 – Deep-diving into the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book
55:30 – How does Robert Kiyosaki make his money matter?
58:00 – Positive inputs in your mind and in your thoughts
59:00 – What can you do to support Robert Kiyosaki
01:01:00 – The point is to not pay taxes
01:01:45 – What would current Robert Kiyosaki, tell young Robert Kiyosaki
01:05:24 – END


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