#14: Veena Jetti The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Today on the Clever Investor Show we have Veena Jetti as our guest.

Veena Jetti is a founding partner of Vive Funds, a unique commercial real estate firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for investors. Veena brings a dynamic perspective to targeting, acquiring, managing, and operating assets using best practices combined with cutting-edge technologies. Her professional expertise includes driving corporate strategy and business development opportunities.


The in’s and out’s of multifamily investing with Veena Jetti Becoming a female powerhouse when it comes to raising capital and deploying it to cash-flowing assets Building your brand to become a megaphone for success in all business assets Investing opportunities in the horizon that can get you into a better successful place in life


Website: https://vivefunds.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veenajetti/?hl=en


00:00 – Intro to Clever Investor Show

00:13 – Introduction to Veena Jetti

02:00 – Veena Jetti AND Grant Cardone pushing Cody to invest more

02:45 – Vive Funds and what they are investing in at the moment

04:00 – What is Veena’s biggest purchase in multifamily of $300MM

05:00 – “I always want to be the dumbest and poorest in the room”

06:30 – Misconception that only the “Rockefellers” can buy multifamily properties, anyone can buy multifamily properties

07:30 – The value of having a mentor helping you lead the way and using “Other People’s Money” OPM

11:00 – The first deal is always the hardest, and then you get better so it becomes easier

12:30 – This is the year for Multifamily Growth at the Clever Investor Show!

14:00 – Your personal brand is a megaphone to when you want to build trust and raise money

15:00 – Walking through a multifamily purchase from finding the deal to post-close management procedures

20:00 – Who is the power team in the process of buying a multifamily deal

23:30 – Introducing Veen-ody

26:45 – Time is of the essence in securing your fund

29:00 – Master class section on building your brand to have a megaphone and become successful

32:30 – Explaining the pitch and the presentation to secure funds for a multifamily transaction

36:00 – “The Broker-Dealer Violation”

39:45 – There is always money out there, it’s just a matter of how creative you get to make the deal happen

44:30 – Bobby Castro’s words of wisdom

47:00 – Veena’s power team

52:00 – The real deal of property management

54:30 – Investor communication

01:00:00 – A lesson learned from Cody Sperber with a deal with Veena Jetti “…to build for profit, not for the brand”

01:07:00 – Always put your investors and integrity first before transactions

01:10:00 – There are better deals in multifamily and other opportunities that multifamily investors are looking at

01:13:30 – New female entrepreneur tips and tricks

01:15:45 – Diversity is a strength, not a weakness

01:19:00 – How to find Veena Jetti

01:20:00 – Mastering Multifamily with Veena Jetti

01:28:48 – END


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