#13: Matt Morgan The Clever Investor Show Podcast

Today on the Clever Investor Show we have Matt Morgan as our guest.

Matt Morgan is one of the Nation’s Leading Cannabis experts and Entrepreneurial Moguls. His A-class network and business consulting mind make Matt Morgan one of the Country’s most sought-after consultants and Investors. Cannabis Titans Of America.

We discuss Matt’s entrepreneurial journey that brought him success within the cannabis industry, assets in which he is investing to prepare himself for 2023/2024 investing opportunities and even partying with Dan Bilzerian. We don’t want to spoil the rest for you, so make sure you listen in!


Becoming a successful entrepreneur and investor in the cannabis industry, an industry where many investors fail “The Golden Boy” of cannabis

Preparing for economic opportunities post “economic shit-show”

How to get a multimillionaire’s attention in a very crowded space and industry

Breaking the Generational Curse


Website: https://matthewleemorgan.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thematthewmorgan/


00:00 – Intro to Clever Investor Show

00:15 – Introduction to Matt Morgan

01:20 – The Reason Why Matt Morgan is so interesting

01:45 – How Matt Morgan got into the Cannabis Industry after going through the real estate industry

02:45 – Losing EVERYTHING after the 2008 recession

03:30 – The movement that started within the cannabis industry back in 2008

05:00 – Making $8MM a year from the plants he was growing butt hitting the ceiling in Montana

06:45 – Reflecting back on the episode with Wes Watson

07:15 – Shutting down the plant side of the cannabis industry to get into the retail side of the cannabis industry in Arizona

09:00 – Going for his first mentor and coach to learn from their mistakes

10:00 – Going against the Government’s grain

10:30 – “I want to be an Entrepreneur”

11:15 – Introduction to the old wise men

13:30 – Going to a college class and finding the opportunity present itself

14:30 – What would Matt say to someone who is floating and hasn’t found their lane yet

15:30 – Failure is a learning lesson

16:15 – Positive self-talk

17:45 – Put yourself in uncomfortable positions to make yourself grow

19:30 – The pitch to gain $7MM in the cannabis industry at 26 years old

21:30 – How do you know what to do as an entrepreneur?

25:00 – The Golden Boy of Nevada

28:00 – Exiting out of Bloom

30:00 – Being a single entrepreneur in the prime of his business journey

31:30 – Life with Dan Bilzerian

33:30 – Becoming cold in the limelight and losing emotions

35:00 – Investing in other assets other than cannabis

35:45 – Outlook of the economy, are we going to have an economic meltdown?

37:45 – Preparing for the opportunity and the shit-show

39:30 – Taking over the pharmaceutical space

42:00 – Billionaire mentality compared to the millionaire mentality

44:30 – How to get Matt’s attention

46:00 – The more focused you are the more money you will make

48:30 – Matt going MAJORITY in on Real Estate

50:30 – TODAY is the day to get ready for opportunities

51:30 – If you’re around a bunch of negative people, you need to…

55:00 – Break the generational curse

55:54 – END