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Take control of your financial future

A life of financial freedom is real. Whether you want to make millions, enough to leave your day job or have a side hustle to create extra income; we can help you gain the knowledge to make it happen. Learn proven processes, gain access to the right tools, and join a community of real estate investors to help you on your journey.

Real estate investing education

A building is only as tall as the foundation is strong. Our course curriculum teaches you everything you need to succeed in real estate today, tomorrow, and in the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re new, have failed in the past or experienced. We can help guide you to success. Take your first step by answering a few questions and accessing our training vault for free.


Just like you, many of our students started with only a desire for something new. With dedication, the right training, and the proper systems or tools they were able to reach their goals of making money in real estate.
As a real estate investor there are many different investing strategies. We help you find the best strategy for you now and in the future to generate long-term wealth.
Our curriculum, consulting, tools and community give you the knowledge to flip your first house and create advanced real estate investment strategies.


Learn how to build the processes, systems and the team you need to be successful.


Master creative and effective ways of generating real estate leads – both paid and free.


The fundamentals of recognizing when a property is profitable and knowing your numbers.


The deal is in the details. Learn how to acquire properties, use contracts and negotiate with owners.


Understand your funding options and the rehabbing process. Build a strategy that works for you.


It’s all about the close. Become a master at closing deals so you can get paid quickly.

Our PRO Membership & Community gives you access to get great new training, tools and advanced support. You’ll also be able to ask other Clever Investors questions, get help and network with investors in your area.
Very Inviting and Clear Investor!
Three years ago we met in sunny Scottsdale Arizona... what a difference your courses have made in my Real Estate Investing Business over that time... Just A Note:::THANK YOU BROTHER ❤️‼️🌵
Coaching and Mentorship and live training is sensational.
I love his pod casts and his training on becoming successful as a Clever Investor...Take Care-Comb your Hair...!!!
cody I am fans numbe one good protect
He has an excellent training and education program for new and experienced RE Investors. Highly recommend!
I have been in Cody’s mentor program for 2 month, just 2 days ago, got my first contract and got a pipeline full, Love the education because they teach it in the simplest form, This is really not easy but it is simple. All we got to do is follow and DO what our mentors tell us to and we will end up with a pipe line full.
Excellent program. Resources, newsletter, advide.
Cody Sperber is the God Father of Real Estate Investing. His training programs is like none other. He is a type of Guy with passion, a caring spirit. He loves what he do. He is the ONLY one out here that can really teach you about real estate investing. I highly recommend THE GOD FATHER OF REAL ESTATE INVESTING TO ANYONE THAT IS SERIOUS BECAUSE WHEN YOU PUT YOUR INTO THIS BUSINESS CODY SPERBER DOES TOO. ❣❣❣
Awesome program !!! I’ve learned so much already and it’s definitely a mind and life changing experience !!!
Excellent program he’s created. I’m very excited to jump into this new venture. Endless possibilities!
Thank you
I have learned so much from Cody!!! Definitely recommend checking him out.
Watching Cody Sperber and his journey will add value to your life. He exudes success and is invested in helping people get BIG like him. He can and will deploy his team to assist you if you have the right mindset and heart to follow him! Let’s get it! This man is the truth! He cares about us. If he didn’t then why would he give away so much proprietary content for free or next to nothing? Think about it! Follow Cody Sperber the Clever Investor and 🛑 stop playing with your life!
Cody is one of the very few social media influencers and entrepreneurs I seek out for advice when it comes to RE! If you're serious about your RE investing and building out a fortune, this is the man to help you. Note: it won't work if you don't listen and implement his teaching!
I absolutely love him into peices. He's very blunt and going to tell you how it is. what made me love cody was when he stated. if you think you're going to get rich quick. Then this program isn't for you. You have to put in work I mean hard work into this program. but most importantly, you have to do it for yourself always!!!
Cody is the real deal!!!

love Cody and clever investor
Awesome! Great Company...
I love cody the way he is, he is straight forward he said it like it is.he is very caring and I can tell he has a big heart.
he is a great man and great mentor, i could never open my eyes and star doing this if would not be for him
Thank you Cody 💪💪💪
Provides a lot of good wisdoms
This man changed my life!
Started off thinking it was just another Guru. But Took the Jump and Started with Real Estate Investing. It’s not over night Get Rich ,, They Give you the Tools. It’s up to you to get what you want. Even been A student Leader for them because of making deals Happen. Because of CleverInvestor. Like going to the Gym Gotta put in the Work!! But they are there to help and Train you RIGHT.
He is a world class trainer
seems to know exactly what he is trying to explain. easy to learn from and a very positive influencer
smart, best couch. he will show how to get your lazy butt out for some action. inspiring lessons from day 1 you not regret.
God said it’s selfish to obtain knowledge and not share with others. “ Help Thy neighbor” I don’t know Cody Sperber but his message is as real as they come. I recommend what he represents. (Growth)
Provides excellent value and wisdom. Genuinely wants to help people succeed.
He has a big heart and really cares about others
Thanks to the training from the fast track system and me putting in the effort I quit my job and made 14.5K on my very first wholesale deal. It's an amazing product that will change your life if you do the work.
Invest in Cody's real deal product and services!
I attended the Clever Investor Summit 2018 and was extremely impressed by the line-up of speakers, the quality of the presentations, and how the conference was organized.
he's awesome, wanna hang with him sometime
Cody seems to be a great guy. I don't know him personally but he reminds me of a buddy of mine. Funny, smart, kinda dorky and very rich. Only because he worked hard and smart at the same time. He came from not much which most of us can relate to. I really enjoy his enthusiasm and wit. He's a great motivator. He shows people what they can accomplish if they have the right mindset. Re in force your thoughts, think success, change your belief system, get rid of all the self limiting beliefs, get off the fence. Just do it. Thanks Cody. I'll keep you posted on my success.
I started with Cody Sperber a few years ago and they walked me through my first wholesale deal. Last week-end I got recognized on stage as having done more than 25 deals and it felt really good. I think his programs are laid out in an easy to follow manner. That being said, a lot of people don't understand the amount of time and energy it takes to really gain momentum in this business and either they drop out or they say that it doesn't work. It DOES work. My experience has been all positive.
He changed my life ! I was in a dark and bad place several months ago ! and he did a early morning video talking about negative people and how no matter who they are cut them loose or if there a love one stop sharing your asparations, goals with them ! So I fired my family and cut a few friends ! I haven't felt this good in a very long time . People if you just listen to the man he will change your life. Cody Sperber know what it takes for you to succeed we all need to be rewired we've all been programed a certain way since childhood! He saw it in his self and he fixed it and now he's trying to share it with everybody. I love this Dude !!!💪😘 I OWE HIM MY LIFE! from this point on ! On top of being a inspiring and motivating speaker he has a way to help you live better threw investing in real estate ! built a system to help everyday people to achieve Financial Freedom and Independence! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THE MAN. ✌
There's nobody in the industry like him!! Period!!
He is very helpful and inspirational. The one who advised me to stop making excuses for me not having what/where I want to be in life!
aweosme speaker cant wait to join his team
If you want to make this work this is the teacher.
Loved the webinar! Was incredibly insightful. My husband and I want to be a team with our real estate investment future!
Cody is a honest investor that cares deeply about the success of others and his students and it shows in the way he does business and promotes himself.Keep up the great work man .Peace
Well I can't seem to put back the 4.5 stars...hmmmmm. I have been seeing Cody's vids here and there on FaceBook and because I familar with REI, I understand what he's talking about. Though I never met Cody, he's still an inspiration to watch and those dollar amount checks. Over the years I grown to be a believer because it is indeed possible to earn that kind of income. Point of fact, I never made anything to the extreme but it sitll dosen't stop me from believing what he shows which is the real deal. New comers or those who are looking may not have that belief when it comes to people like Cody. For any new comer, once you get the basic fundamentals of REI (Real Estate Investing) you'll come to the realization that power percieved is power achieved. And one final thing, any business owner who values his or her reputation will do almost anything to protect it. And Cody seem to be that character of a person who will do it. Learn to appreciate great content and the value that Cody gives to his viewers. When someone wants the best for you and shows you something at least Cody is one of the guys who will share some of that information, because there are a lot of other wealthy people who won't share their secrets or how he or she made it to the top. Hahaha, those are they types I don't care for and the one who does I am all ears. And it is why I enjoy watching his success because I see myself like that one day. So Cody is good in my book.
Cody, you are real and genuine, direct, resourceful, and provide the insight of the nitty gritty, to the powerful possibilities. Thankyou for sharing your hard work, perseverance, family, and continued motivation when needed most. Your success in all areas of your life I hope continue to impact my life and others.
Being a licensed Realtor in California I’ve worked with many amazing clients, and, as well, have had the benefit of a good retail real estate mentor. But, no one beats Cody Sperber and his team!! Cody offers a solid program with steps, processes and up to date methodology that provide fast tangible results. Whatever his team says they’ll do .. you can count on it getting done .. and then some. Regarding deals, be prepared to hit the ground running and to knock your sales out of the park.
About Cody himself, as well as his team .. honest, solid, family, authentic, brilliant, communicative, expedient and accurate, get’r done, excellent follow-up, extremely courageous and fun!!!
If you are thinking about working with Cody Sperber and Clever Investor .. boot this program up and learn as fast as you can so you can help people sell and buy property and make the kind of income you are dreaming about.
MB Cameron - DRE #: 02009361
Retail, wholesale, rehab/flip and landlord
Hands down Cody Sperber & Clever Investor are the BOMB & I mean that is the best way possible! You're not alone with Clever Investor!
YouTube videos are extremely informative! Gives great advice on how to get started in real estate!
Love all the info Cody provides in his YouTube and Facebook videos. There’s no such thing as getting rich quick without putting in the hard work yourself. People that want all the info to become successful for free are the ones that don’t do anything with it. You have to invest in your education and mentorship to make yourself accountable.
You are the man. You teach your students a great deal. I would like to u have be a teacher. in real estate. . I just have to come up with money or a loan to join your program . then i'll be set to learn . . u deserve the 5 stars. u are the greatest person .
Cody is extremely helpful to people and provides awesome real estate advice and knowledge. I've been following him for a long time now and he is truly inspiring. Ive always appreciated the emails and all the helpful tools he gives to people. Thanks for everything cody, you are awesome!
Cody has an awesome system set up for beginners as well as experienced real estate investors. I have the Fast Track system and have watched all the vids and gotten all the forms, and have already started my journey in real estate.

What sets him apart from any/all other teachers is his willingness and to keep pushing you along. I hope to one day meet him in person, even though he's spoken to me directly several times through his live videos. He is a person that knows what he's talking about, and loves to teach others how to do what he's done! Thank you Cody Sperber for helping me find the beginning of my journey!
We love how positive Cody is. The systems and knowledge is awesome!! We use his strategies and they work!!!
Extremely insightful and down to earth! Wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none. Wether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran to real estate investing or just needing to hear some inspiring words, he has it all to offer and from the heart. Thanks Cody for being awsome!
In a cut throat industry it’s refreshing to hear someone talk from the heart and truly enjoy what they do. Someday I will be on your level just gotta keep pushing everyday!
Great guy with great advice will do a deal with him any day #whateverittakes
Informative, helpful, energetic go-getter! The only way to go is up and Cody helps keep that mindset alive each and everyday!
If you are getting started as a real estate investor and need mentors that will show you the step by steps and a full proof system that will teach you how to be successful in your real estate investor businesses Cody Sperber and his team will work with you � and for you.
Cody sperber is a good mentor for the nation so everyone should rally behind him for a better change
The absolute greatest real estate education you can find! There truly is no better or none as affordable as Cody's Clever Investor program.
Clever Investor is worth every penny and more, ALOT MORE.
Cody is absolutely amazing ! He is a "tell it like it is" type of person. Not only has he sold me 100% on his program but on himself as well. I have taken the Fast Track 2.0 course and feel extremely confident going into the real estate world and making it mine ! I messaged Cody on Instagram with a question at almost 8pm his time ( almost 11 mine) and got an immediate response. I'm talking about a full on response! Not a simple one or two sentence answer but 2 paragraph detailed response. I am confident in his work and products ! To add to all of the things I love about Clever Investors is the team ! Quick well put together responses that make you confident in not only the business that there are running but your own as well ! I was skeptical at first because so many of these "GURUS" turn out to be frauds ! I also had a long list of people who didn't think it was worth it or that I would learn anything but I can 100% tell you that I've learned way more than I expected and not only that but Cody and his team give you WAY more content then I could have every expected !
I trust in him
Cody is a man that is very inspiring and is a real estate mogul! Honest and is willing to share his knowledge with the rest of us! I saw the opportunity to possibly get the mentoring I need for a step to the wealth I know one day I will achieve! I knew starting small was the way to go postmates then college and then YouTube possibly and I thought why not get to know someone who is also from Arizona! Best thing ever sucks that I can’t get the deal but I can get the mentoring willing to save up!
Great content... Knows his stuff about real estate
top notch, i cant describe how much i appreciate the clever investor program. God bless you Cody !
Don’t know him personally but just from watching his webinar and also other videos he has out his program by far is the BEST!! His program is definitely a go to investment for me he breaks everything down and is very detailed in explaining how Real estate investing works!! And honestly I can’t wait to get started!! If I could rate 10 star I surely would!!
I believe in your vision!� Thank you and we are eager to start..
Cody and his training are legit! I’ve tried tons of training and this is by far the best!
He is awsome!,he gives the best advice and gave me the most awsome opportunity ever, and he's soo fun to lisen too, I would recommmend him to anyone
I have heard of you doing a good job for our people keep it up buddy and i just registered and waiting till 8:30 for it �
I would wish to join the class � I’m very interested
He might be able to save the world one person's world at a time I know real estate is financial freedom and I haven't even began to live or raise my kids because I've been struggling cooking from job to job but he has inspired me I hope I can see this through
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