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Success Does Not Happen Overnight!

From Gary Vaynerchuck to Tony Robbins, success does not happen in an instant. It takes time, failure, growth, and NEVER quitting to achieve your dreams!

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant (When)

One of the first questions I get from new investors is “How do I hire a virtual assistant (VA)”, and often times it’s just to soon.

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Subject-To Basics

Very simply, a Subject-To is a fancy way of saying you are taking the property “subject-to” the existing lien.

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Should I talk to Real Estate Agents?

Yes!! This is the simple and straightforward answer...

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Don't Be the Decisions Maker...Setting Your Higher Authority

You never want to be cornered by a seller in a negotiation scenario, so to combat that we always have our Higher Authority. What is that and how do we use it? Read on!

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REI Essentials: 3 Main Principles to Use on the Seller Call

You want to take your investing game to another, right? You want to go for broke. I know you do. But the only way to change the game, grow your business and make more money is to stay in control of your destiny and your financial future. To do so, you need to be cool and calm when talking with sellers so you can land deal after deal – and that’s done by following a script and applying 3 fundamental seller-call principles. But here’s the kicker…

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